Dr. Neil Dukes received his Bachelors in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Colorado in 2001, and attained his Doctorate from Parker College of Chiropractic in 2005. Dr. Dukes has maintained a successful practice in the Dallas Metro/Plex for the last 8 years.

Active Release Technique (ART)

ART is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Headaches, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, shoulder pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, knee problems, and tennis elbow are just a few of the many conditions that can be resolved quickly and permanently with ART. These conditions all have one important thing in common: they are often a result of overused muscles. Dr. Dukes has worked his way up through the ranks among top level professionals in ART. He is an Elite Provider, and instructor for ART and travels twice a year to teach other professionals such as Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, MD‘s, DO‘s, Massage Therapists, Nurses, and Athletic Trainers across the nation. Dr. Dukes has had the opportunity to treat professional, collegiate, and Olympic athletes in all major sports, and travels to PGA tour events, and professional Iron Man events treating athletes just minutes pre/post competition. In his Texas clinic, Dr. Dukes regularly sees local and traveling professional athletes due to his expertise in this technique. Almost all NFL teams utilize Chiropractors or Athletic Trainers trained in ART, and the founder Dr. Leahy has been the Denver Broncos ART provider for the last 15 years.

Sports/Bio-Medical Acupuncture "Dry Needle Therapy"

Dry Needle Therapy is a valuable treatment option for managing chronic pain, acute pain, muscle stiffness and spasm, edema/swelling, and painful muscle trigger points. Dry Needle utilizes the same needles used in Traditional Acupuncture, however is based solely on modern physiology, neurology, and biomechanics, rather than ancient Traditional Chinese/Asian Theory of the energy. The term Dry is used rather than Injections because at no time is there fluid or medicine injected into your body. Current research suggests that the Dry Needle Therapy is JUST AS Effective, if not more effective at treating pain than Injections using corticosteroids. Dr. Dukes is trained in many forms of Acupuncture, including; Chinese Acupuncture, Sports Medicine Acupuncture, Bio-Medical Acupuncture, and Electrical Acupuncture.

Sport & Family Chiropractic

Dr. Dukes is trained in over 9 separate Chiropractic Adjustment Techniques that range from the “Traditional” popping, to the “Gentle” low force or instrument techniques. Typically popping is not necessary and may prolong treatment, whereas treating the muscles relevant to the bone alignment provides better results. Dr. Dukes Chiropractic services are appropriate for pediatrics and the aging population.

Dr. Dukes holds his Doctorate in Chiropractic, however integrates more of a physiotherapy and Medical based approach to treatment. Your condition will be examined and explained thoroughly using either Medical or Eastern terms in order to maximize the healing process. Your condition will have a definitive plan for resolution that does not include life time care. His goal is to either fix the condition or assist you in managing it on your own. No gimmicks, snake oil, or other long term processes are involved. Dr. Dukes charges just 1 fee for all services and will determine which treatment may be best for your individual condition.

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ART Iron Man Performance Care for Runners

With running becoming so popular, we commonly see the “diagnosis” of Plantar Fascitis, Shin Splints, Growing Pains, Runners Knee, ITB Syndrome, OsGood Slaughter, Bursitis, Myofascitis, Sciatica, ect. The list could go on and on, and most of these diagnosis are given based off of where the pain is located, not the exact tissue damage. Most of these injuries are the result of something called the Cummulative Injury Cycle or Repetitive Injury Cycle . Running injuries can very simply be explained by a little science, namely physics. We will explain just a little on how these injuries occur, how they can be avoided, and how ART Iron Man Performance Care can help decrease the soft-tissue injury cycle, and/or treat such diagnosis.

Running and injuries can simply be avoided by making sure that the body is able to withstand the forces of impact, as well as preparing the body beforehand, and flushing the tissues of Lactic Acid buildup afterwards. There are many shoes, stretches, foam rollers, K-tape, compression sleeves, and exercises that can help reduce the impact to the bodies soft-tissues and prevent injury. These are all good, however it all comes down to are the tissues viscoelastic properties, which can be improved through ART Iron Man Performance Care .

ART Iron Man Performance Care

Dr. Dukes specializes in all types of soft-tissue injuries, and treat runners on a daily basis. ART is the most well-known sports medicine technique around the world. Athletes across the nation are able to go online and find providers in most major cities. There are 30 NFL teams with ART certified chiropractors or athletic trainers who utilize its effectiveness on a daily basis for injuries and injury prevention. Dr. Dukes is an Elite Provider, ART Iron-Man Provider, and Instructor for this technique. He has worked with some of the best Sports Doctors across the nation, as well as professional athletes who look to gain a competitive edge, or just wanting fast and lasting pain relief. The goal of ART is to locate the exact tissue injury, which can be found in the muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, or nerves.

Active Release Technique is a form active myofascial massage that is able to break the cummulative injury cycle and/or treat many of the above diagnosis. Its simply based off of science (biomechanics), and its goal is to create better elastic properties of the musculoskeletal system. The more elastic the tissues are, the more the body can withstand and dissipate the forces of mass and gravity and reduce soft tissue injuries.

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